March 2004
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Friends only!!!!

My journal is friends only. If you would like to be added as a friend, add me, comment here, and I will probably add you. The only way I wouldn't is if we have nothing in common. :)


locking 'er up, eh? : )

quigonspadawan: goodnuff
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lol...seems like the thing to do....honestly I don't know why.... but everybody seems to think its the way to go. I am such a sheep. lol

Please - 0 - Please don't leave me out!!!!
*latches onto leg!*

*latches onto leg!*

OMG!! You are too adorable for words. Leaving you out is not gonna happen. All the people I had listed as friends are staying that way. :)

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she is adorable, isn't she???

quigonspadawan: AnimalisticRialry
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That icon she used is to cute. :)

quigonspadawan: AnimalisticRialry
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That icon she used is to cute. :)

I like that kitty..it cracked me up.



quigonspadawan: ewanmcneeson
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Already are! :)

don't forget about me either.

quigonspadawan: Bang
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You are way to entertaining to forget about. *hugs*

ok, how I found you is a long story...lol...I found you because of SW, strarting from the master-apprentice mailing list and checking friends of a lj I found linkend here...I was attracted by your name...I love Qui-Gon...*___* and then I checked your user info and found out you're in the qaf fandom too...awww!!
so, if you'd like to friend me I0'd be really happy ^_^

Let me read, please?

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Added you! :)

Would like to be added as a friend...


My name's Becky (luvjlb), and I am interested in Obi/Qui Fanfiction. I would very much like to read some of your work, and I added you as a friend to my LJ yesterday. I have heard good things about your writing and look forward to the chance to enjoy it myself.

Have a wonderful day! B :)

Hello! I'm Vejgeta9. Just really getting into Star Wars and all. Found you while searching for others that like Star Wars, slash, or any combination of the two. I decided to add you as a friend, and here's hoping that you will do likewise!



Let me in?

Gosh, I want to read all your fics!!!! Qui/Obi forever!!!!!